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Welcome to Fourteen Forty Nine Senior Estates! We are delighted you chose our beautiful development as your home place and would like to extend a warm welcome to our community. Moving to a new area is always a difficult time: new neighbors, shopping areas, etc. We respectfully wish to assist you in discovering all that our community has to offer. The management team has put together a handbook in an effort to make your transition as smooth as possible. In this handbook, you will find pertinent information that will be particularly useful to you. As a reminder, this is a senior community for residents age 62 and older.

As a friendly reminder, your actions in your home and your general concern for the property and rights of others affect a large number of people within a reasonably small area. Keeping this in mind, we want to ensure that everyone abides by the rules and regulations of the community. 

In an effort to maintain a friendly and safe environment, the following information is presented for everyone’s consideration. Fourteen Forty Nine Senior Estates is an affordable housing development for residents age sixty-two and older, with a preference for veterans. This community is governed by restrictions, rules and regulations which are covered under the State of Illinois Laws. These rules are rules you agreed to respect and adhere to when you signed your lease. 

It is desirable that neighbors who share common ground understand that rules are not intended as a restriction on any resident’s rights, but rather as an assurance of the rights of each and every resident. We ask that all residents please abide by the rules. 

Again, welcome to Fourteen Forty Nine Senior Estates and please know that if we can be of any further assistance, we are only a phone call away. 




Northern Lights Development Corporation

Ralph Jordan